About Us

The Great Britain Speedway Team is the National team of British Speedway – while Great Britain has always had a National Team competing on the World stage, a new era began in 2018 which saw a complete re-brand and new management structure unveiled.

Our mission is simple; to make Great Britain the most successful and most professional National Speedway Team on the planet. Great Britain Speedway Team has developed and launched it’s Tracking Success Programme incorporating sports science experts, rider coaches, tactical analysts and branding specialists, the Great Britain Speedway Team consists of people that are not only experts in their chosen field but also people who are passionate about elevating GB to the very top.

Great Britain race every year in the FIM Team World Championship - Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations, FIM Speedway World Cup (every third year) and also the FIM U21 Team World Championship. In addition to these events Great Britain also take part in the Global Challenge Series against other leading Nations - the highest level of International Test Match Speedway staged between full 7 rider teams.

Despite stunning early success, when Great Britain came within one race of winning the Gold medal at the 2018 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations tournament, there is a long-term vision in place with the goal of Great Britain regularly producing elite level athletes who can compete on the World stage. After a 32 year wait the hard work and new strategies came to fruition when Great Britain became Champions of the world in 2021 in front of a capacity crowd in Manchester and followed it up in 2022 by winning Silver in Denmark, just missing out on Gold by a single race once again!

In addition to its senior team, Great Britain have now implemented a solid foundation with the launch of the GB Academy, embracing young athletes from the age of 15 and steering them through their development and into the Under 21 squad, there is now a very clear pathway for British Speedway athletes to reach the very top.