A Simple Guide To Speedway

If this is your first experience of speedway this short guide will explain the basics

Speedway Bikes

Speedway bikes have 500cc engines

They have one fixed gear...

...and no brakes

They can accelerate fro 0-60mph in 3 seconds

Speedway Teams

International test matches have six riders

Two riders from each team take part in heats (races)

Great Britain race wearing red and blue helmets

opposing teams race wearing white and yellow helmets


Teams have starting positions 1&3 or 2&4 in each race

There are 15 races in a meeting

Races are 4 laps of the track and last about a minute

Flags shown during a race

a race may be stopped for safety

one lap remaining



4th place no score
3rd place 1 point
2nd place 2 points
1st place 3 points

The points for each rider are added together for the race score

Race scores are added progressively to calculate the final score

enjoy the show

Original artwork by Barry Cross Artwork