JORDAN JENKINS has vowed to “put in the hard work” to push on for Great Britain.

The Norwich-born hot prospect has been called up for the FIME European Under-23 Team Championship semifinal in Pardubice on April 20.

Image courtesy of Steve Hone Photography

Jenkins, 22, has been making steady progress punctuated by some outstanding results in all British leagues over the past couple of seasons.

Now he wants to go up another level in the red, white and blue.

He said: “April will soon be here once we start racing. It’s an unbelievable chance to be called up for Great Britain in the Under-23 Team semi-final.

“I had my first taste of GB life in Finland last year and unfortunately didn’t make the final because of injury.

“But I’m really happy with my own progression and I’m thankful to everyone who has given me the opportunity.

“I think if you ask any sportsman, they want to represent their country and compete against the best in the world.

“It’s another massive step on the ladder for me. It’s going to be an exciting challenge going out to the Czech Republic, I’ve never been there.

“I did do a year in Poland and I feel like I’ve grown since then.

“I’ve never been more excited than to represent Great Britain. Some of the boys of my age have done that for a few years.

“I’ve never had the backing some of those boys might have had. But I’ve been fortunate more recently to get some really good sponsors on board.

“Monarch Oxford, who previously backed Todd Wiltshire and Marvyn Cox, are a huge boost for me.

“I have gone under the radar. I am going to get there one day, whether I’m 22 or 32. I’ll put in all the hard work until I do get to the top.

“Once I got on a level playing field equipment-wise, my ability start to show. I am starting to prove what I am capable of.”

Jenkins will represent star-studded Ipswich in the Premiership and Oxford in the Championship as the UK season begins this week.

He added: “My league form last year in all three divisions I felt was very good. It’s all in the right direction.

“I feel like I made massive strides forward last year confidence and equipment-wise. It all came together.

“I don’t feel any pressure from anyone but the pressure I put on myself.

“I know my ability and I know where I can get to. There’s no big targets this year apart from progression and have a solid season with both Ipswich and Oxford.

“Moving to Ipswich in the Premiership I am surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and unbelievable riders."