2024 Partner Focus - ARCTIC CABINS

Arctic Cabins Ltd is the lead BBQ Cabin Manufacturer and Installer in the UK. This family run business started back in 2001, offering a unique garden escape where you can cook and entertain 365 days a year.

Owner, Gareth and his Finnish wife Virpi, decided to bring the traditional Grillkota BBQ hut design over to the UK. In Lapland, and throughout Scandinavia, Grillkota BBQ huts are part of a rich culture. Dotted throughout communities, forests and national parks, these strong wooden shelters with a central BBQ are used for cosy refuge from harsh winters. Many have been standing for over a century. They're available for all to use - communities, families, tourists alike - a big part of Scandinavian life.

Not every day is BBQ weather here in the UK. Our trademarked hexagonal and octagonal design, with internal grill, is visually stunning as well as functional. Made from sustainably sourced slow grown Scandinavian Redwood, our cabins will stand the test of time and allow you to cook and entertain in all weathers, come rain or shine. Many owners have the added bar area and use the cabin as an extra space for the whole family. An Arctic Cabin will become the heart and soul of your garden and enjoyed for many decades to come.

In the early years of business Arctic Cabins supported Speedway through sponsorship of youth riders through to senior riders in the Premier League.
Most recently being a sponsor of Great Britain since the 2022 Speedway of Nations.

We are looking forward to continuing our Partnership with the Great Britain Speedway Team throughout 2024 and proud to see riders and managers sporting our logos.

Find out more at arcticcabins.co.uk or for an introduction to Arctic Cabins, contact vicky.blackwell@gbspeedwayteam.com

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