“New Level” of Preparation

British Champion Charles Wright believes that the latest national squad Performance Camp provided a “new level” of preparation.

The Stockport star was part of an 11-strong gathering of Great Britain team members at the special training facility in Southampton recently. The Royal Marines, Formula One and Olympic glory were all part of an educational exercise for the current and next generation of home grown track stars. The Tracking Success Programme is lead by GB Performance Specialist Chris Neville and GB Performance Psychologist Jeremy Holt, both have CVs of the highest calibre in sport, under the watchful eyes of GB bosses Rob Painter and Vicky Blackwell. Neville formerly worked with Premier League and International football while Holt has been an integral part of GB Olympic Sailing, Cricket and International Rugby success.

It’s so important to have this new level of backing from Great Britain. I believe it gives us such a better edge going forward.

Charles Wright, British Champion

Charles Wright said: “I think all the boys enjoyed the weekend and the experience. Each rider will also have taken on so much information which they can use, I know I certainly have. It’s very impressive where Great Britain are going and I want to be part of that.”

Neville added: “It’s about utilising experts in other fields. We’ve had input from high-performance sailing, Formula One and the military. They bring different elements. They know how to build teams and help develop the skills necessary for these lads.”

Holt continued: “We created a very tough camp for them. There are some things that we want them to work on with their mindset, thinking about how they approach competition and practice. Also physically how they approach the sport and tactics and technology.”

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